Amionx is a spinout from American Lithium Energy (ALE). ALE was originally founded in 2006 by Dr. Jiang Fan and Dr. Robert Spotnitz who are both widely recognized as foremost experts in battery technology. ALE has been designing, manufacturing and supplying batteries to the Department of Defense for more than ten years. ALE’s batteries are designed for use in the most demanding military and commercial applications where energy, power and safety are critical.

Amionx is a leader in safe battery technology. Our Safe Core technology acts like a circuit breaker to prevent lithium-ion batteries from being the source of a fire or explosion. Our technology is applicable in all battery chemistries including solid state. Safe core protects against overcharge, internal short and external heat.  Amionx is focused on safety from the core of the battery outward.





Safe core technology

Amionx's transformative, patented technology prevents lithium-ion batteries from being the source of a fire or explosion due to three primary causes: overcharge, internal short, or external heat. While most other techniques for improving safety with use of lithium-ion batteries are focused from the outside in, Amionx is focused on safety from the core of the battery outward and works even when other safety measures fail or are not activated.


where could it be applied?

Amionx Safe Core can be implemented across all lithium-ion batteries, and is applicable to other chemistries as well as solid state. The use of Safe Core results in no incremental capital cost and virtually no increase to the bill of materials for lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in consumer electronics (cell phones, tablets, laptops) automotive (EV) and marine, power packs (power tools) and energy storage (electric grid storage, commercial storage and home storage). Amionx Safe Core will open new use cases for lithium-ion batteries current limited by safety concerns.  Smart Core will remove the design constraints faced today due to safety.



This transformative technology acts like a circuit breaker to prevent a lithium-ion battery from being the source of a fire or explosion which is typically due to three primary causes:

  • Overcharge
  • Internal short
  • External Heat


Existing techniques, while improving safety, do not eliminate lithium-ion batteries from being the source of fire or explosion. These existing techniques typically focus from the outside-in with the use of robust battery management systems, hardened shells, and fire retardant chemicals which add weight and expense. Amionx is focused on safety from the core of the battery outward and works even when other safety measure fail or are not activated. 


The key attributes of Amionx Safe Core are:

  • Activates by trigger of temperature, current or voltage thresholds
  • Virtually no increase to the bill of materials for lithium-ion batteries
  • No incremental capital cost
  • Longer lifetime of battery
  • Longer shelf life of battery
  • Maintains attractive qualities of lithium-ion batteries such as energy density
  • Opens or expands new market opportunities for greater use of lithium-ion batteries that are currently limited by safety concerns including electric vehicles or power storage applications
  • Allows for design of smaller and lighter battery systems
  • Applicable to other chemistries as well as solid state
The video above is a side-by-side demonstration of a typical lithium-ion battery versus one equipped with Amionx Safe Core. Both batteries were charged to 12 volts until either the cell caught fire or failed safely. Charge rates for batteries are governed by something called C-rates. The capacity of a battery is typically rated at 1C. This means the battery charges fully in one hour. Therefore, 1C = 1 X the capacity of the battery. If you had a 3000 mAH battery 1C (3A) would be a 3 amp charge rate. Both batteries in this video were charged to 12 volts at a 1C rate or 3A.

Ms. Jenna King, Chief Executive Officer Amionx


Jenna King is the CEO of Amionx, Inc. Ms. King has more than sixteen years of experience working with technology companies ranging from startup ventures to large public companies. Ms. King most recently served as Chief Executive Officer of Evergreen Research and Marketing, LLC, a fast-growing consumer products company. While with Evergreen, Ms. King increased revenues and expanded the company’s product portfolio through strategic licensing relationships. Prior to Evergreen, Ms. King served as General Counsel and a member of the executive leadership team of Zimmer Dental, a medical device manufacturer with over seven hundred employees in nine countries and over $240 million in annual revenue. While at Zimmer, Ms. King represented the company in a variety of complex strategic agreements and acquisition transactions in the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Additionally, she gained extensive experience in successfully commercializing products in highly regulated markets. Ms. King began her professional career as a corporate attorney at Cooley LLP, where she represented technology companies ranging from startups to public companies in a variety of transactions including private financings, M&A, strategic agreements, joint ventures and corporate governance matters.  Ms. King holds a Bachelor of Arts from University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Juris Doctor from University San Diego where she graduated Cum Laude and Order of the Coif.


Dr. Jiang Fan Chief Executive Officer American Lithium Energy Corporation and Chief Technology Officer Amionx, Inc.


Dr. Jiang Fan is founder and chief executive officer of American Lithium Energy (ALE) Incorporated and founder and Chief Technology Officer of Amionx. Dr. Fan has more than 20 years of experience in battery industry with a focus on lithium-ion batteries. Over the ten-year history of ALE, Fan has developed advanced, lithium-ion products for both military and commercial use. He developed a battery for use in missile launch testing that significantly outperformed competitors from four of the largest global battery manufacturers. Additionally, Dr. Fan has achieved several milestones in advanced battery design. He designed a battery for advanced military applications that doubled the flight time of a new weapon system, and he designed a bullet-safe, high-energy battery for military helmets using nano-silicon. Prior to his dual roles as president of ALE and CTO of Amionx, Dr. Fan held roles at both Polystor Corporation and more recently at Gold Peak Industries. While at Gold Peak Industries, Dr. Fan successfully developed a broad range of lithium-ion products (both round and prismatic), which met Underwriters Laboratories (UL), United Nations (UN), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and Japanese standards for both military and commercial applications. He successfully developed a 4Ah 18650 cell with 280 Wh/kg, which is about 20 percent higher than 3.5Ah 18650 cell from the industry leader, as well as a military battery BBXX90 battery with 200 Wh/kg, which is about 30% higher than the military current standard BB2590 batteries. Additionally, he established the material and cell performance evaluation laboratory, and UL certified safety-testing laboratory for Gold Peak’s San Diego location. He led the effort in developing both the electrode and cell manufacturing. While at Polystor, Dr. Fan led the efforts in electrochemistry improvements including: cost reduction; better rate capability; longer calendar life; and safety. His work focused on the Partnership of Next Generation Vehicle (PNGV) contract from the United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC). Additionally, Dr. Fan qualified new vendors for raw materials used in the production of 18650 cells. He also evaluated various types of electrolytes to improve cell cycle life and low temperature performance. He studied the effects on product quality from variations in the cell and electrode manufacturing processes. He also managed product failure mode analysis. Dr. Fan is a published IEEE author and holds 15 patents in areas such as current limiter and interrupters, electroactive particles and electrodes, and battery and supercapacitor hybrid. Additionally, Dr. Fan raised the capital and built an advanced lithium-ion battery cell factory in Asia with the capability to produce 12 million 18650 cells per year. He holds a Master of Science degree in 1988 from Zhejiang University. He completed his doctorate in Chemistry at Arizona State University





Why join Amionx?

Amionx is a fast growing company based in Carlsbad California.  Amionx offers a great work environment with the top lithium battery experts in the world.  Not only are we a company focused on creating better batteries, but a company focused on changing the world for the better.





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